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Featuring Five of Indiana’s Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists

Of the 15,000+ licensed lawyers in Indiana, only six can claim to be Board Certified in Criminal Law. Five work for Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC! Let that unparalleled expertise go to battle for you or your loved ones

There are few things more frightening or more overwhelming than dealing with a criminal arrest. No matter what your case entails, you are probably most concerned with making the situation go away as quickly and affordably as possible so you can move forward with your life. At Baldwin Perry & Kamish, PC, our Indiana criminal defense attorneys are committed to helping you clear your name so you can walk away from a courtroom with a clean slate and the best possible outcome.

There are only six Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists in the entire state of Indiana. This is the only expert certification recognized by the Supreme Court. Our team is comprised of five of those Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist in Indiana. In other words, if you want a board-certified criminal law specialist along with their experience and expertise when battling for the best outcome for you or your loved one, we should be the first law firm you call. This means we are not only qualified industry leaders, but we are also nationally recognized legal experts in the field of criminal defense.

Trial Lawyers Known for Being Front Runners in the Courtroom

When it comes to your rights, we simply are uniquely qualified, prepared, and equipped to better protect your freedoms and interests. We don’t wait for prosecutors to make the first move; rather, we take aggressive and swift action to create a compelling and persuasive defense strategy in your favor.

We proudly serve clients in Franklin (Johnson County) and other surrounding areas throughout Southern and South Central Indiana. We have offices in our historic Franklin office building and can meet with you to confidentially discuss your situation. If for some reason you need to meet north of Indianapolis, we also have an office in Noblesville. If you prefer to speak with us immediately, call us at (888) 519-2730 today.

Criminal defense and criminally-related law is all that we do. Speak with our team to learn how we can protect your interests.

100% Devoted to Criminal Defense and Criminally-Related Law

Our firm is solely devoted to protecting the accused. Let us use our experience to give your case the upper hand.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose The Criminal Defense Team

  • Our team approach is unique – every member is invested in your success
  • We utilize creative, aggressive, and strategic plans of action to fight for you
  • Experience gained from representing thousands of clients throughout the State
  • Personal attention from a team of lawyers who want to win on your behalf
  • Skilled Trial Lawyers whose statewide practice puts them in regular contact with a variety of judges, prosecutors, probation and court staff, enhancing their reputation statewide

A Powerhouse Defensive Line

Over 100 years of Hard-Hitting Defense Strategies

As skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys and litigators who have successfully handled, over 300 jury trials, hundreds of trial cases, and have represented thousands of clients, we know that taking swift action can only help strengthen your case. By taking proactive measures against the prosecution, our aggressive trial lawyers can secure evidence that can help increase your chances of a reduction, dismissal, or acquittal.

We understand it can be difficult to know where you can turn at such a time. Because our passion is pursuing justice for individuals who have been arrested or charged, clients continue to come to our firm seeking hard-hitting, aggressive, and dependable legal counsel. One of our attorneys, Max Wiley, has several years of experience as a prosecutor, giving our firm invaluable insight into their thought processes and likely strategies. Even during his time prosecuting, however, Mr. Wiley knew that his heart was, and remains to this day, in criminal defense. Over the years, our steadfast commitment to our clients has only helped solidify our reputation for superior legal representation.

Don’t get stuck on the losing side of the courtroom. Hire our trial attorneys now.

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  • What are my rights after an arrest?

    You have Constitutional Rights that are protected under the law. Upon arrest, officers are required to inform you of your Miranda Rights (which are also known as Miranda Warnings). Miranda Rights were designed to protect your Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights. This includes your right to remain silent and your right to request for your attorney to be present during any police questioning or interrogation.

  • Will I be convicted of a crime?

    It is important to remember that legally, you are always presumed innocent until proven guilty. It will be the State’s burden to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you have committed an alleged criminal offense. Our team focuses on creating aggressive, effective, and persuasive defense strategies that help protect your rights. If necessary, we can construct a defense that can help convince a judge, jury, or prosecutor against reaching a criminal conviction.

  • What does it mean to be a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist?

    If a lawyer wants to pursue Board Certification in the area of criminal law, he may do so. However, the State of Indiana through the National Board of Trial Advocacy, entails a very rigorous set of requirements before anyone is able to attain the elite status of being able to be called a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. It is a difficult status to attain for several reasons, including the sheer number of trials required to even qualify. In order to be considered for board certification, a lawyer must have completed a large number of criminal trials. Most lawyers don’t even come close and could never be board certified for this reason. Additionally, to become Board Certified in criminal law, a large percentage of your practice must be exclusive to criminal defense. This also knocks out most lawyers as most lawyers choose to not limit their practice to the area of criminal law. Additionally, even if you meet those exceedingly difficult requirements, you must pass a very difficult test and also receive recommendations from judges and others in the legal community. The Criminal Defense Team is very proud to boast of its four Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists*. What makes this achievement even more monumental is that Indiana can claim to have only six Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists in the entire state. Five of those board certified criminal law specialist in Indiana work for the Criminal Defense Team. If you hire our firm, they will be working for you. Criminal defense is our passion. Our Board Certification is proof of that passion. *Board Certified Criminal Advocates by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

  • Do I really need a defense lawyer?

    We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a “small” or “minor” criminal charge. All types of criminal charges can potentially lead to serious consequences, even if a case does not result in conviction. Working with a qualified defense attorney who has experience handling cases like yours can only benefit your case, your rights, and your future.

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